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Tilt Windows
Product Detail

1.ventilation. Since the tilt position is Casement Windows and an open method that makes the room with natural circulation of air of nature, air purifiers, ruled out the possibility of rain into the rooms. Clean air is for people to create a comfortable living environment.

2. Security. Window sash around the layout of the linkage between hardware and finish up in the various features of indoor operation, close window sash are fixed at around the window frame, so the safety and security performance fine.

3. easy to clean the Windows. Simple operation allows the linkage shower casement outside to go to the room. Makes cleaning the Windows of the outer surface of the convenience and security

4. practical. Avoid the inner window opens up interior space, it is not convenient to hang curtains and mounted lifting type clothes rail.

5. sealing and insulation performance. By sash around multipoint locking to ensure sealing, and thermal insulation of doors and Windows.



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Surface treatment: aluminum alloy(Electrophoresis Powder coating Anodizing PVDF 铝包木
Profile Color: White Gray Champagne 红木纹色 PWooden color or other color
Profile Wall thickness: 1.4 1.6 1.8 2.0 2.8 (mm)
Color for glass: White Green Gray Blue Brown

Glass Option:

single glass low-e :Reflective Tempered Double glazing Laminated Glass;Low-e Glass low-e
Glass Thickness: 5 6 8 10 5+6A+5 5+9A+5 5+27A+5 (mm)
Surface treatment: Room    Bedroom    Balcony    Roof
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